An event to meet and Exchange

Created in 1988 on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Jean Monnet, the Salon of European Cognac, to present European COGNAC LITERATURES, literature works in literature promoting European and is a place of encounters and dialogues between writers and the public.

The literary event is held annually the third weekend of November, from Thursday to Sunday. If this annual event is the heart of this event, appointments and actions on the territory for the book and reading, and among all generations, punctuate the year. Find all the events in the calendar section and start filling your!
During the four day literary festival in Cognac, many activities are offered to you. You can go to the meeting of authors and find them new debates. Moments readings will immerse you in the stories, while exhibitions and film screenings will enrich this beautiful program. The youth space awaits with its workshops! Finally, you can navigate between the different spaces of general bookstores and youth.

Initiatives to honor works and writers

The event is also an opportunity to honor some publications or some authors. Several literary prizes have been created and are awarded during the four-day event. The price Jean Monnet for European literature at the price of readers, sponsored by the Group Garandeau, find all prices and winners under the headings of the different prices!

Maybe you didn't know, but literature European COGNAC makes available a residence of writer. These authors have stayed in Cognac and developed writing projects.

In 2016, the novelist and poet Slovak Jana Benova.
In 2012, the journalist, French-speaking Ukrainian writer Anton Koushnir.
In 2010, the engraver and draughtsman Belgian Olivier Deprez and Belgian author Nicolas Ancion.
In 2005, the writer and Portuguese war reporter Pedro Rosa Mendes.
In 2001, the Spanish writer José Angel Mañas.
In 2000, the Albanian writer, Besnik Mustafaj.

You will find also on the manifestation of the bookstores spaces where a wide choice of books is proposed based on the authors present and the theme of the edition thanks to the presence of Cognac and other bookstores. You will find the press of Cognac, the independent bookstore the text free House, Angoulême cosmopolitan bookstore and the library of the international city of the comic strip and the Image of Angoulême. For children the text free of Cognac and Angoulême Lilosimages bookstore will offer you a wide selection of albums, novels and other objects!

These spaces in which you can freely circulate and flip through the books are on the ground floor of the Congress Centre Salamandra.